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Welcome to Beat The Fat Cat

We are not here to advise or force you to change your existing providers or suppliers. However, you should consider the benefits of 'shopping around'.  Shopping for your household bills shouldn't be any different to hunting out the bargains at the local supermarket.  There is often much to be gained by switching gas and electricity suppliers or even changing your credit card provider.

But it’s too much hassle to change...

No it isn’t!

It is all too easy to plod on with the same companies who have been offering you a poor and expensive service for years.  These companies do not mind taking your hard earned cash and giving you nothing in return.

Unfortunately, the days of being loyal to a company are over.  Banks, building societies, gas and electricity suppliers are no longer loyal to their customers as they are only interested in one thing – profit.

It is now the time when people need to look after themselves, particularly in today’s financial climate.  You will be surprised at how simple it is to change suppliers and we can show you how.